Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First Trip to Nursing Home With Baby Goats

We took 2 baby goats to the nursing home Saturday.  We all had a great time.  The residents were funny when we brought them in.  Some would say is oh they brought a little dog.  Then we would say no its a baby goat.  They would say OH A BABY GOAT!   They really enjoyed them.  My mother-in-law said they were talking about them at Lunch. 

One guy came into see his mother.  She was telling him they brought in goats today.  He acted like is she serious baby goats came to the nursing home.  My mother-in-law told him "yes she is telling the truth."
They were still talking about those goats on Monday.

This is my daughter Macy, mother-in-law Roberta and a resident. 
With her bird too.

  This gal has a bird in her room.  She Said "oh people just bring dogs in here they are just dogs not goats."

They are myotonic fainting goats.  We raise on our family farm.  We love each and everyone even have a soft spot for our few rotten ones. 
They are a hard bred of goats to find. We are in the process of becoming registered  Myotonic Goat Breeders.  We have 7 Myotonic Does, 2 Myotonic Bucks and 2 Nigerian and 1 Pygmy.  OK I think that is all of them.  AND currently have 4 Doelings and 3 Bucklings.  We are keeping 2 girls back.  I hope I didnt leave anyone out. 
We will have more babies in March or April.  4 more goats bred.  They are getting round.