Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Finally back Also on Facebook Now

I couldn't get my blog to work so I havent been posting anything.  We have been busy with goats n Making Rugs.  I have sold out of goats.  One more goat to go 3 people on a waiting list. 
We are now at 205 rugs I need to weave more But Im sick of weaving.  I have been busy getting ready for Kankakee Thee old time farm show.  Hope I do great 2 hours away with a camper full of rugs, snacks, n Family 4 of clothes.   Also Macys Lawn Tractor and her Smoke Stacks.  She seen all those other tractors at Lacon and said to her dad I need smoke stacks.  They all have them.   Kids.  

Great too see that people are checking my blog out to up to 500 views. 

Also on Facebook under Life of a Rug Weaver.  I post more of what I have been working on.

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