Friday, January 25, 2013

Working on Jane's 169" Rug

I got an order in Mt Pleasant Iowa When we set up that the Threshermen's Reunion.  I keep dragging my feet on wanting it to be perfect.  Also Hoping that she will just Love it. 
I go to the local 2nd Hand stores and find more men's button down dress shirts.  I just keep adding them.  My Husband keeps giving me a hard time and saying "When are you going to work on Jane's Rug"  I just look at him and say oh I found more rags to add to it.  So its official I'm starting to work on Jane's Rug. 

I have sewed one Ball. 

I took pics of the ball as it grew.

I think I have the warp picked out My Husband Nick helped.  I think I'm going with
12 Natural
2 yellow
2 sage
2 Terra cotta
2 dark Lilac
2 powder blue
2 black

That equals a grand total of 24 threads per 2"s

I order My warp from Great Northern Co
in Kalamazoo MI

I wanted to add some dark hunter green but We think it will just blend in the fabric. 

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