Thursday, July 12, 2012

Freeport Show

We are going to Freeport IL August 3-5.  I have never been to this one either. 

Macy with of course have her lawn tractor or garden tractor.  I  have been to 2 different tractor shows n one called it a lawn tractor the other one called it a garden tractor.  I will have to update n tell you what this one calls a Lawn mower without a mowing deck on it. 
1989 Ford
       This girl is soooooooooooo proud of her new stacks her grandpa Russell n Dad put on for her.  The boys with there lawn tractors would just be checking hers out it was sooo CUTE.  She showed those boys up.  That's my girl. 

The web site for the next show is it gives all the info there. 
Admi.  for Adults is 6.00
                 Kids is  3.00

There looks to be allot of neat stuff to do at this one.  There is a train that you can ride.  Horses n horse powered equipment, sawmill, threshing machines, gasoline engines, Antique tractor cars n trucks, Stave mill, Large display building, steam traction engines, and Huge flea market oh yes and a RUG WEAVER. 

I will be demostrainting making coasters n dollhouse rugs.  I will have place mats, table runner, coasters dollhouse rugs and tons of Rag Rugs.  Made all from rags no new fabric. 

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