Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Horses N The freeport tractor show

I have no comment about that show. 

But we did enjoy the horses.  I can say that much.  We left early Sunday and Harnessed dads team of Shires up and had a great day.  Major and Herman did a great job for us.  Then the next day we saddled us more horses.  They all did a great job.  I can say it "no problem with horses."  Well the 2 that got harnessed up and the 4 that got rode.  That still leaves us with 4 more.  Yes that adds up to a grand total of 10 horses.  Macy wants to harness up her mini Rusty So I think we are going to do that tonight.   I think I will be cutting rags n walking away from the loom for a little bit.

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