Monday, September 17, 2012

Chiropractor and 1st time on a bowling league

Well I had my 1st Rug Weaving Chiropractor experience today.   Dr's orders take it easy Don't weave for at least 3-5 days.  I told Mike well I got my next show in 2 weeks.  My back has been messed up since Sunday the 2nd from Mt. Pleasent Iowa.  He said you need to lay off take it easy.  I told him OK.  I'm icing 20min then waiting 40 mins.  Today I don't feel to bad we will see what tomm.  brings.  Still sore. 

I just joined a bowling league.   His comment was "oh just what you need"  I said yes rug weave, hop on Foxy (horse) every once in a while,  and now join a bowling league.  I'm not a bored Person.  
My Brother-in-law Bill and Father-in-law Bob is on the team.  Our name is In Laws.  Bill is the Caption.  Last Thursday was our 1st Game.  We all had a great time Bills girlfriend was there and My mother-in-law Roberta too.  Macy wants to come this Thursday. 


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