Tuesday, January 10, 2012

JUST The Start of LOADING my UNION 36

This might not be the way some people load there loom but this is the way I was taught.  Everyone has a little bit of a different way of doing things. 

First you need of course a loom, spool rack, comb, warp (thread), scissors and masking tape.

I have a 12" Dent Reed.  So my loom calls for 12 Threads per 1".  (I no it dont make sence)

12" Dent Reed
  So 1st off you need 24 spools of warp I use poly cotton it is very strong.  The warp is stronger then just the cotton warp.  All weavers have their own preference and opnion on there warp.  I use poly cotton on rugs they ware longer.  I use cotton warp on place mats, tablelrunners and coasters.  They dont get as much wear as those rugs on the floor. 

Put your warp on the spool rack and make sure the thread is comming off the top of the spool.  Put what ever pattern you would like.  I love to come up with my own pattens.  I always mix it up.  I love the colored warp.  I usually use 12 colored and 12 natural.  The colored warp cost more then the natural. 

Putting warp in the Comb
 Then put the warp in the comb.  The comb is the metal thing with all those holes in it.  Mine has 24 holes.  Start from the middle of your comb and work from botton to the top.  You will have 12 threads on each side of your spool rack.  Start with the bottom thread 1st.   So you put 12 threads (6 threads from bottom 6 threads on top) on each side.  Then repeat the same on the other side The comb will all fill up. 

The Comb

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  1. I just found your blog...I also have a loom, but have never used it, because I'm not sure how to thread it. You mentioned about a spool rack...I am wondering what your spool rack looks like...would it be possible to put a picture on of your spool rack?