Thursday, January 26, 2012

Price on Rugs

On my Letter in the mail post.  I called the the lady in Washington, IL

I was asked the question "What do I charge an inch?"  I told her "if you cut the rags and sew them together I charge .25 an inch.  I wont tye the knots on the end you have to do that yourself. 
She asked "How much do you charge if I bring you the rags and you do all the work?"  I said " .55 an Inch"

Then she said "I have a rug weaver if I need one I will call."  I think she just wanted to no what I charged and I get that question alot.  She said "She will write me down in her book"  I told her "Thank You"

My rugs at shows are .55 an inch for rugs A rug that is 36" long is $19.75

Tablerunners and placemats are .30 an inch so a placemat that is 18" long comes out to 5.50 (I no I add .10 to it I did my math same on the rug I took of .5)

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