Thursday, January 26, 2012

Letter in the Mail

On the phone one of my things I love to do.  With my Aunt Jane we were working on my business cards.  I said well I want my Address on them for applications for craft shows and tractor shows.  She says well "someone could mail you a letter and want a rug or a certain request."  I said to her "oh no one will mail me a letter like that they will call me on the phone."  Well What did I get?

My husband Nick comes home with the mail and I'm waiting on a application for a tractor show.   He hands me a letter from Washington, IL.  I thought Darn it is not from Sublette, IL.  So I open it.  It was what my Aunt Jane said.  The lady use husband use to be a rug weaver.  He had to quit because of his health.  She sold his loom but she has another one.  She said "she wants to no if I plan on weaving for other people?" Well there is Aunt Jane's certain request.   That I thought I would never get in the mail. 

So I'm going to call her today. 

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