Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lets Load That Union 36 LOOM

Next Step is to wrap the warp on the warp beam of the loom. 

You need to make sure you go the correct direction on the loom.  The Union 36 is clockwise.  One of my other looms is counter clockwise.  SO you have to pay attention well you have to pay alot of attention when you load your loom.  Because if you mess up in the process it is a mess.  You are going to want to scream and cry.   I haven't did that but I have freaked out and call the lady that has taught me everything I need to no about rug weaving.  Bless her heart I have made my fair share of phone calls from the start of my weaving days.  That is her line she always says.  It take 5 hours to load your loom.  2 hours in putting warp on the warp beam.  Then 3 hours tying all those square knots. 

In my photos I'm loading the loom up for place mats and table runners.  So you need 6 (2") sections that add up to 12".  There is 24 threads per section.  Take 24 threads X 6 sections = 144.  WOW alot.  Well then lets figure out how many pieces of thread is in a rug 24 threads X 14 SECTIONS = 336 WOW NOW THAT IS ALOT of warp.  You get around 25 rugs putting warp on 100 time around each section.  My Newcomb has a bigger warping beam so you can double that and your warp will double to in price.  But on the bright side you don't have to load it as much.

OK lets add some warp on to that loom.
Make sure the Brake is away from the warp beam.  You might have to Tye it to the beater.   Tye a knot of all the warp together that is coming off of you comb.  Then hook it to the nail or a peg.  Make sure that it lines up to the 1st section of warp that is gathered up at your heddles. Then start wrapping the warp on start out SLOW make sure it does not go over to the other sections or you TENSION will be off.  What fun!  You can wrap it around up to 100 times oh you could go alittle more if you would like.  Each section has to be done one at a time that is why it takes 2 hours.   Then when you get your 1st section done then cut the warp.  Tye a knot to the comb.  Then tape the 1st layer of warp together.  Then tape the top down. 

Then hook the bunch on the next nail and then just repeat. 

Once the warp it all on 2 hours later You walk away and go OK that part is DONE!

Next step TYE ALL THOSE KNOTS You have to make sure you take the 1st heddle and go in order one thread after another 1,2,3,4,5 so on and so on.  Mine has the log cabin patter so you will get a double thread I think it is 10 and 11 or 9 and 10.  When you start to Tye knots you will have slip knots on each side of the harnesses.  Undo the one side that faces the back beam.  There is one heddle in the front and one it the back.   Well one harness in front and one in back. 

When you operate the peddled it lifted the one harness at a time.  Brings the warp from the bottom to the top.  It is called a 2 harness my other one is a 4 harness with 6 peddles.  On that one one peddle lifts 2 harnesses except peddle 5 and 6 that is the plain weave.  Peddles 2 and 4 is called the double weave.  1-4 is the Herring bone weave (spelled something like that) it make a V pattern. 

Square Knot
Well after you Tye all those knots what just a 144 to 336 knots.   Then you have a mess that looks like this.

Oh all that warp will straighten out
 Next step Pull that warp all through the harnesses and pray that you tyed those threads all where they are expose to be or you will SCREAM!  Yes I have did that one before.  Make sure none BREAK.  After I pull it all through it takes a little time to get everything just correct then you Tye it to the apron.  BUT first You cut off the extra thread all of those knots that you just sat there and tyed for 3 HOURS gets cut OFF.  Because you have thread them through your harnesses.  So you have a slip knot on this side that comes our the beater.  You don't have to thread it though the beater. 
OK now you Tye all that warp to the apron.  You do a knot through the apron then a slip knot on top.  Well I'm a pretty good knot Tyre I must say. 

Look at all those knots 144 of them

Slip knot
 Well we are almost there to being done and Make a Rag Rug.
Next thing make sure that you did it all correct.  That you went through the harnesses correct.  Ok step on the peddle and see.  Make sure nothing criss crossed and every thread is in it write place.

Tighten the loom and press the peddle.  I stick my hand between and look. 
Oh good it came out correct.  I use to mess it up some but I have learned.  Next will be rug making.

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